Kanga Loaders  supplies a variety of attachments such as buckets, brooms, trenchers, hoes, specialists, rammers and multi tools. Bucket attachments offered by Kanga Loaders are available in different sizes.

The 2 series standard bucket is made from high tensile steel cutting teeth capable of digging any type of material. This open shaped bucket also avoids clogging of sticky materials. It has a capacity to hold about 100 kg of heavy load. This bucket can be operated in a safe mode and is ideally suited for applications like sand and soil shifting.

Brooms designed by Kanga Loaders intend to perform multi task operations. Bucket broom has a rotating broom action for clearing the debris and can be used in places like sidewalks, factories, industrial sites and feed lots. Yard sweep consists of a nylon bristle and wooden broom head with an angle blade. Presence of a wooden broom head reduces wall damage.

Kanga Loaders designs a variety of trenchers which include trencher 2 series, standard trencher, K.C. trencher and crumber bar trencher. K.C. trencher has a heavy duty design and sophisticated drive sprocket, while crumber bar trencher has a spring loaded parallelogram action, enabling the crumber blade to be attached firmly on the trencher floor.

Multi tools provided by Kanga Loaders including multi tool bar carrier can be used in conjunction with rippers, poly pipe layer, tow hitch, forks and lifting jib.