Airwell ’s new range of Duo Multihead reverse cycle air conditioners allow for two wall-mounted indoor units to be matched to a single outdoor unit, giving users cooling and/or heating in two separate rooms.

The Multiheads can be operated individually or simultaneously, and with separate remote controls for each unit, making it easy to keep separate rooms at different temperatures. Other features include a Triple Filter to provide three levels of air filtration, removing dust, pollen and odours from the immediate environment for easy breathing - a function that is particularly helpful to those with respiratory complaints. An in-built ioniser regulates the flow of negative and positive ions into the air to emulate the ratio found in nature.

The intelligent I-Feel remote control can be used to operate the Multihead. It comes with real time clock with memory, sleep mode and auto changeover mode. It even allows the user to set the desired temperature for any point within the room.

Source: Building Products News.