Airwell’ s Ducted New Concept (DNC) air conditioning system is said to provide builders, architects and developers with many benefits over conventional ducted systems.

As Kevin James, Airwell’s national sales and marketing manager notes, the internal units in conventional ducted systems require a large amount of ceiling space.”Typically an indoor operating unit requires more than 400mm of ceiling space,” he says. “They also have a separate bulky return air inlet and as a consequence are often installed above the bathroom ceiling or in a non-central position - this requires additional ducting and increases installation time and cost.”

James says DNC has another advantage over central plant type systems which until recently have been commonplace. “Central plant systems don’t lend themselves to medium and high density housing as they don’t allow for independent asset ownership and hence independent power metering,” he points out. “And single split systems are not a viable alternative to fully ducted systems when cooling more than one room and the length of interconnecting pipe can be a limiting factor.”

The advantages of Airwell’s DNC system includes the fact that the height of the indoor unit is only 300mm, therefore less ceiling space is required between floor levels. There is also a space-saving to be made through the built-in return inlet which negates the need for a separate air inlet.

The DNC system is designed to fit in hallways as narrow as 850mm and the inclusion of six flexible adaptors also aids fast, and easy installation.

Source: Building Products News.