ECP -owned Airwell’s Digital Scroll range introduces an advanced new approach to residential ducted air conditioning.

The secret lies within the outdoor unit’s digital compressor operated by Airwell’s sophisticated control system. Unlike conventional systems, the Digital Scroll unit does not need to regularly cycle between on and off to control the temperature. This not only avoids dramatic swings in temperature, it ensures the system performs at its optimum energy output.

At the design stage, the client may also choose the additional option of a Variable Air Volume (VAV) package – a combination of hardware and software emulating systems previously experienced in CBD high-rise buildings.

Through VAV the user can:

• vary the amount of air going into each controlled area. This allows the user, within selected mode, to set each controlled area to a different temperature and at different times.

• condition only the controlled areas which are in use. The family room can be set at 23°, rumpus room at 22° and bedroom #1 at 24°. If bedroom #2 and 3 are not being used, they simply don’t need to be conditioned. No more wasted energy and cost.• buy the size of system that is most appropriate. There’s no need to buy a system that had to air condition the whole house at once, just the appropriate paces within the house. Where once a 15kW was the only solution, now a 10 kW may be more appropriate.

Finally, the Digital Scroll unit can be further upgraded with an individual ionizer to create a refreshing, out-of-doors feeling synonymous with the unique ionizer filtration technology.