This German World Cup highlight is from Loewe. All it takes is a touch of the green button on the Loewe remote control for the built-in DR+ hard-disk recorder to store your personal highlights of the football match. The function automatically highlights the 30 seconds leading up to a play and the 30 seconds following that play – the action leading up to a goal for example. And with the picture in picture function (PIP), it’s even possible to play back a highlight straight away, without missing any of the match action. Of course the highlights can also be stored for the long term using Centros, Loewe’s DVD recorder.

Time Shift enables deferred viewing

The Loewe DR+ hard-disk recorder can record up to 100 hours. The so-called time shift function makes deferred viewing possible and offers other practical application options too. For example, a touch of the red button on the remote control is all that’s needed to “stop” the match – to take an important phone call for instance – and then pick up exactly where you left off without any loss of information. It goes without saying that DR+ can also be pre-programmed using the Electronic Program Guide.

Replay spectacular match plays

As a World Cup bonus, Loewe DR+ also offers the replay function. You can immediately replay individual match sequences. Simply press the rewind button on the remote control to replay the last 40 seconds of the desired play. A further advantage is that during this whole process the live broadcast continues thanks to the picture in picture (PIP) function. Simply press the stop button to deactivate the replay function.

All of the new DR+ functions can be quickly and conveniently operated using the new, even more clearly structured Loewe Assist+ onscreen menu. With the integrated DR+ hard-disk recorder, Loewe offers its customers innovative technology and easy to operate added value, proving once again that it is the trendsetter and driving force behind the industry. Just in time for the World Cup, all new Loewe flat display TVs featuring integrated DR+ come equipped with the only highlight and replay function on the market.

DR+ is available on five Loewe models, through International Dynamics .