International Dynamics  is an Australian agency which supplies audio visual products from several leading brands. International Dynamics imports only those products which it thinks can demonstrate superiority of value on audition and performance. International Dynamics distributes its products through dealers who show enough enthusiasm to provide value and genuine quality to clients.

International Dynamics prides itself for being a cost-effective agency in Australia. It is able to offer the consumers one of the best possible qualities at affordable prices. International Dynamics’ website gives access to the customers to the closest authorised dealers and offers information about the range of products available.

International Dynamics offers products from brands like Loewe, Klipsch, Polk Audio, In Focus, Rotel, Audio Analogue, Schaub Lorenz, Ixos, Tangent, Sonus Faber, Planar Systems and Project.

The products offered under these brands include televisions, loudspeakers, interconnect and various other audio visual products. Ixos offers a wide range of high definition interconnect. The interconnects has proprietary nitrogen gas injected polyethylene, which provides maximum insulation and it also reduces the dielectric constant significantly.

Project offers Project RPM 1, which is a manual turntable with a cartridge. This product provides good sound. Project also offers Debut – III which is tonearm bearing having inverted hardened points of stainless-steel and thrust-pads of sapphire.