Loewe has announced the arrival in Australia of the Centros 2102 HD DVD Recorder. This eagerly awaited product has revolutionised the way people record and archive television broadcasts in Europe.

The Centros 2102 HD completes the missing part of the jigsaw. Most people know by now hard drive recorders are by far the most efficient means of recording broadcast programs. There is no need to load videotape or discs, and because such devices can usually record 30 hours or more, automatic recording of favourite programs is easy.

However a problem always arises whenever the hard drive becomes full or there are programs viewers want to keep permanently. Sooner or later, there becomes a need to archive recordings, because to work to its full potential, a hard drive recorder needs ample disc space.

Enter the Centros 2102 HD. In conjunction with Loewe’s DR+ (Digital Recorder Plus) onboard hard drive recording option, it makes archiving to DVD a simple and painless operation. You select the program on the hard drive, press copy and enter the time. Archiving the DVD is subsequently done at a time deemed convenient to be without the use of either the DVD recorder or the hard drive, such as during the middle of the night. The disc space on the hard drive recorder can be freed and the DVD recording is complete.

This is the way most people would assume DVD archiving should work. However the alternative is usually two devices that don’t talk to each other very easily and a complicated DVD recording process that is both tedious and time consuming.

It’s little wonder, then, that the Centros 2102 HD has proved so popular in such a short space of time. The European experience would suggest that integrated engineering is increasingly becoming a key factor in the premium TV purchase decision. Not only does the television need to look good in operation, but it along with the other devices it interacts with, need to be a pleasure to own in every sense.

The Centros 2102 HD also accepts various memory formats for the transfer of digital photos, video and data.

The Centros 2102 HD is imported by International Dynamics .