International Dynamics has revived the Shaub Lorenz brand in quality AV products with the introduction of its P Series LCD televisions.

The P Series LCD televisions marks the real beginning of the brand’s entry into the Australian market as this range is the first to feature the Viewell Engine, the picture processor that will differentiate Schaub Lorenz from all other affordable LCD TV product.

The revival of the brand name in Australia and New Zealand has been in direct response to an urgent need among quality-oriented specialists for vision product that bridges the gap between premium priced specialist product and lower priced mass-market alternatives. With this objective in mind, the LCD TV range has been manufactured in Korea specifically for the needs of Australia and New Zealand, with an ongoing goal of maintaining the most pertinent and up to date specifications available for these respective markets.

It is not Schaub Lorenz’s intention to be the cheapest LCD in Australasia but to be the best value and the most technically advanced at the affordable end of the price spectrum.

The unique Viewell Engine offered in all sizes 32 inches and above is fundamental to achieving this aim. Originally developed as military and medical imaging technology, the Viewell Engine is a processor that pioneers a new form of image enhancement, one that provides multiple contextual reference points in terms of shading (large kernel operation) which assists the human eye perceive dimension and brightness. This patented process is uniquely able to be selective in its emphasis and to vary the degree of enhancement based on the local image content.

Fortunately, the result is plain for all to see and no technical qualifications are necessary. The effect of the Viewell Engine can be demonstrated on only half of the screen at the press of a button. No consumer is left in any doubt as to its value.

Three models will be released in October, one 26inch, one 32 inch and one 37 inch. The two larger models will include the Viewell Engine, as will the 42 inch model that will follow in a few short weeks. Even larger versions can be expected in due course.

All three models being released offer native resolution of 1366 x 768, a screen refresh rate of 8 milliseconds and a contrast ratio of 600:1. HD input compatibility is 480i/p,576i/p, 720p and 1080i. Connectivity includes DVI Input (with HDCP), Component Video x 2, and PC Input (15 pin D-SUB).

So competitive is the price of these new LCD models that they are expected to make serious inroads into the plasma market. Each makes the advantages held by LCD over plasma such as non-reflective screens and their greater suitability for multimedia applications more readily affordable. The fact that each model is HD ready is also a significant factor.

An introductory bonus offer for each model will also add to the appeal of Schaub Lorenz LCD televisions, ranging from a free Strong SD digital set-top box with the VMD-2600P, to a Strong HD set-top box for only $199 more for the VMD-3700P and VMD-4200P.