The Pro-Ject RPM 6 SB is one reason turntables have never gone out of fashion in Europe.

According to the manufacturers, it perfectly combines high-tech engineering with eye-catching design. The 3.5kg platter is sandwich-constructed from a metal ring bonded to a flat-ground vinyl surface and uses a brass puck to prevent record slip. The new feature added with this latest release is electronic speed change from 33 - 45 RPM.

As with the top of the range Project RPM 9, an inverted bearing is used which has a ceramic ball set into the tip of the stainless-steel bearing shaft, providing an ideal point of contact for the platter's ceramic thrust plate to revolve upon. This sophisticated design ensures that the forces of the motor acting on the platter are at the same height as the bearing, which helps minimise platter instability and friction in the bearing. The adjustability of the tonearm's geometry and mass allow the use of even the highest quality cartridges.

Designed in Austria, built in the Czech Republic, Pro-Ject turntables regularly win awards for their combined attributes of sound quality and value for money. For those wishing to preserve and enjoy the value of their vinyl collection, few purchases in life can be as rewarding.

Pro-Ject turntables are available nationally through International Dynamics and have a recommended retail price of $1199.

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