In the past 12 years the German Heine Technoscope have been recognised as a valuable asset to many building inspectors, and look likely to be well into the future, by allowing the operator to have a rapid and reliable and accurate diagnosis of almost any wall, floor or ceiling cavity with ease.

Inline Systems , the Australian importers, say the interest for the product in the past four years has been significant.

The TS-08350.9060 Professional Building Inspection Technoscope, available from Inline Systems, includes a Focussing 8 x 350mm with viewing direction 90° and field of view 60° with portable rechargeable battery pack, battery power cord, battery charger and transport case.

The Building Inspection Technoscope Kit is one among the efficient portable warmlight borescopes in the world.

On the basis of 40 years experience in design and manufacture of medical diagnostic instruments of world format, Heine Germany have developed this Technoscope system to assist building inspectors waterproofing and pest inspectors around the world.

The Building Inspection Technoscope Kit represents a new technical generation, and sets new Standards for all professional building related inspections.

The ability to connect a 52mm camera adapter to the eyecup using the appropriate increasing or reducing adapter rings, which are available from most camera stores, will give the product owner the ability to connect to a digital video camera, which makes the Technoscope scope ideal for image capture and archive to minimize exposure to liability claims.