The SnakeEye III camera poles, available from INLINE Systems, have been designed for remote visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas with an access diameter greater than 1.3 inches. This includes applications such as tank and vessel inspections, ventilation ducts, vehicle inspections, and industrial and building maintenance.

Snake Eye III allows users to record images and voice memos detailing the inspection being undertaken direct to the integrated SD card. It’s robust design and ease of use has made it a standard form of inspection amongst government and industry organisations.

Key features and benefits of the Snake Eye III camera poles include:

  • Telescopic pole (extends from 1.7 – 4.2 metres)
  • 5 inch VGA LCD screen
  • Easy to use keypad
  • Removable SD card
  • Robust industrial grade housing
  • Record images and video to same-time voice memos
  • Two included NiMH batteries, auto adaptor and external power outlet
  • Display monitor waterproofing kit