INLINE Systems  is pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive distributor of the adronic range of videoscope kits. These 300,000 pixel videoscope kits are already successful throughout Europe and have been specifically designed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

The videoscope’s handheld display screen can be used with a variety of interchangeable hi-resolution camera tubes (purchased separately) making this product extremely economical.
Adam Walsh, Industrial Sales Manager at INLINE Systems explained: "this range fills a real market niche, they are not another cheap endoscope with poor picture quality. They are high resolution, interchangeable, and a top quality product that is sure to impress."

"We are very excited about the Adronic videoscopes because we have seen the market flooded with a lot of poor quality, low cost, undifferentiated product in the last few years. The Adronic range certainly isn't poor quality but still comes with the affordable price tag. These kits have already proven a huge success in Europe and the interest in Australia for a quality industrial videoscope is very encouraging." Adam Walsh, INLINE Systems.

Adronic videoscopes are available in working diameter tubes of 5.5mm up to 10mm and offer unit length tubes. Optional mirror tips for different viewing angles are available 35-70°,45-90°,55-120°. Guide ball and magnet is also available as an accessory to the tubes. 

This inspection equipment is supplied with 1GB memory flash which enables easy transfer of all data to a PC. Furthermore there is a USB and AV out interface that supports direct connects to PC or a TV monitors.

Features of Adronic videoscopes include: 

  • 3.5” Colour LCD Display 
  • Supports Video recording (MPEG4) 
  • Supports Snapshot (JPEG format) 
  • Supports replay video and image 
  • 2GB SD card for storing video and image and editing on a PC. 
  • 16 operation languages software 
  • Supports AV out (PAL/NTSC selectable) 
  • Working temperature -20° to 60° (Celsius) 
  • Power charger indication Light 
  • Portable battery design allows user to change battery at any time. 
  • USB port (1.1/2.0) allows the user to transfer data to a PC; and
  • Adjustable LED illumination light
Interchangeable camera tubes available include: 
  • 5.5mm 1/2/3/5/10/20/30 Meter (flexible) 
  • 8.8mm 1/2/3 Meter (semi rigid) 
  • 8.0mm 1/2/3 Meter (flexible); and
  • 10mm 1/2/3 Meter (semi rigid)