Inline Systems  offers the TacSight SE35 surveillance thermal imaging cameras designed to enable law enforcement personnel to see the heat signatures of objects, people and other sources.  

These thermal imaging surveillance cameras can detect extremely small differences in temperature, enabling officers to distinguish people from their immediate surroundings.  

With no requirement for light to operate, the TacSight SE35 handheld surveillance cameras generate high quality images regardless of darkness level and even in smoky or foggy conditions.  

While darkness and camouflage can defeat night vision, suspects cannot hide from surveillance thermal imaging cameras that use body heat to identify people in the dark.   The TacSight SE35 surveillance thermal imagers are powerful tools for tactical, surveillance and scene assessment applications.  

The TacSight SE35 surveillance thermal imaging cameras utilise the latest thermal imaging technology.  

The advanced infrared engine in the camera incorporates an ultra-high resolution focal plane array that enables maximum clarity for distinguishing objects and features at long distances.  

Key features

  • Small and compact construction
  • Tough and completely waterproof
  • High performance imagery
  • Latest features designed for law enforcement
  • Interoperable with thousands of Bullard thermal imagers and accessories
  • Only Law Enforcement thermal imager with versatile accessories