Inline Systems has released the VIS2000 remote video inspection system suited to dark cavities such as pipes, ventilation ducts, chimneys and wall and ceiling structural elements. The portable video recording inspection system combines TFT LCD and CCD colour camera head technology.

The system has a 51 mm colour or black and white remote camera head with 10 lights, four of which provide halogen illumination with auxiliary illumination from six bright white LEDs for distance lighting. The camera head combines an interchangeable scratch-resistant glass cupola providing splash proof protection for the camera head.

The camera head is remotely controlled via the display keypad control on the VIS2000 Pro colour monitor, allowing manoeuvring of the servo-driven camera head with a swivel range of 180º and a turning range of 360º and a picture coverage angle of 98° x 75°. Images can be captured onto a standard removable compact flash card.

The remote display has a charging period of 7 hours and service life of 1.5 hours. Other features include AV-in/AV-out for recording the viewed information to a standard VHS video recorder. Extra features include brightness, contrast and colour controls.

Available camera heads include the remote 51 mm diameter or the fixed viewing mini 26 mm diameter black and white or colour camera heads on a choice of semi-rigid push rod with viper reel system or soft coaxial cable with depth markings. A range of extra accessories is also available for the system, including colour endoscope adapter, camera support cage, telescope roller guide and cable reel.