Ingal Civil Products  provides road safety barriers for increased safety on Australian roads. The primary aim of Ingal Civil Products is to contribute to the safety and security of the millions of people using these roads every single day. Some of the pioneer products in road safety were developed by Ingal Civil Products such as the FLEXBEAM and the THRIEBEAM guardrails. These safety products from Ingal Civil Products comply with the Australian standards of safety and quality.

Some of the major products from Ingal Civil Products include longitudinal barriers, guardrail end treatments, guideposts, wire rope safety barriers, crash cushions, road safety accessories and many more. A number of these road safety products are aimed primarily at the safety of motorists who must be protected from hazardous accidents.

Ingal Civil Products has been functioning in Australian for over 70 years. In this long period of time, Ingal Civil Products has provided products for various industries such as the railways, mining, construction, building and many more. The products from Ingal Civil Products that have created an impact in the safety industry include bridges, barriers, tunnels, flooring systems and the like.