Available from Ingal Civil Products, Flexbeam guardrails provide high levels of impact resistance thanks to its continuous flexible beam action. This flexible action avoids pocketing and helps to reduce the ride down acceleration of a vehicle. 

Flexbeam road guardrails are highly visible, even in foggy or night time conditions, ensuring driver confidence while helping to reduce centre line crowding.

Flexbeam guardrails are manufactured in compliance with AS/NZS 3845:1999 Road safety barrier systems and AS/NZS 4680:2006 Hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coatings standards.

Flexbeam guardrails are capable of being shop curved to fit any radius from 2.4m to 46m. The railing can be curved either concave or convex to the traffic face and can even be part curved along its length to suit specific requirements.

The post and block design of Flexbeam guardrail reduces wheel snagging and the consequential effects of vaulting or rollover.

Specially designed to help prevent wheel snagging, Flexbeam guardrails are ideally installed alongside raised medians and gutters that can act as trip hazards, causing vehicles to dive, launch or roll.