Ingal Civil Products offers the Flexi-Post barrier protection for loading docks, car parks, warehouses and other heavy industrial applications.

The Flexi-Post barrier systems feature a uniquely engineered design that can withstand heavy impacts from vehicles of up to 10 tonnes. The design utilises rubber shock absorbers that are positioned within the post socket. The absorption of the energy during the impact reduces the anchor bolt forces while offering reduced risk damage to the barrier, vehicle and structure.

The Flexi-Post barriers can also be used to offer protection from glancing blow collisions at low speeds, perimeter and edge protection in multi-story car parks, internal and external barrier protection to walls and aluminium cladding in warehouses and also protection to high value plant and equipment.

Features of the Flexi-Post barriers:

  • Crash tested to verify impact performance
  • Semi-rigid steel post with integral rubber shock absorber
  • Heavy duty system capable of withstanding heavy impacts
  • Compliant to loading requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 “Type F light traffic” 1500kg vehicle travelling at 2m/s
  • Available with mesh infill and/or handrail extensions
The Flexi-Post barrier protection is available from Ingal Civil Products.