Ezy-Guard Smart steel guardrail road safety barriers, available from Ingal Civil Products , were recently approved by the NSW RTA.  

These road safety barriers have been fully crash tested and evaluated according to MASH Test Level 3 specifications, distinguishing it from existing Australian public domain guardrail barriers. The MASH specification update supersedes NCHRP Report 350 for the purpose of evaluating new safety hardware devices.  

Ezy-Guard Smart imposes lower forces to the impacting vehicle than conventional guardrail road safety barriers. As the barrier deflects, vehicle impact energy is dissipated, minimising occupant risk forces and vehicle damage.  

The narrow and lightweight Z-post design provides savings on materials, freight and installation. Up to 50% narrower than the current public domain systems, Ezy-Guard Smart conserves valuable formation width and enables greater recovery width for vehicles.  

Additionally, the design of Ezy-Guard Smart shields the top of the rail above the posts, eliminating dangerous snag points and reducing the potential for the barrier to dismount motorcyclists or cyclists.  

Constructed locally using innovative roll-forming and hot dip galvanizing technology, Ezy-Guard Smart is an environmentally friendly alternative to current public domain systems, using approximately 30% less steel during the manufacturing process.