Impi Technical Investments , a member of the Australian Business Council for Sustainable energy, is dedicated to create an eco friendly environment. It is accomplished by providing clean power, water and fuel. It employs some of the latest technologies which ultimately promotes the well being of the environment.

Impi Technical Investments was started with the aim of bringing specialists and the technologies under one roof where both would be interdependent on one another.

Impi Technical Investments has implemented various technologies such as industrial combustion using low emission burners, specialist electrical design and contracting, bio-diesel technology, designing oil extraction plants, Oz fuel tech.

Oz fuel tech designed by Impi technical Investments cuts down the fuel cost to a large extent. Plants designed by the company have air methanol transfer systems where there is no need for medium replacement too.

Long term goals of the company include creating an environment devoid of green house gas. This could be achieved by converting the waste products into some kind of usable energy. In case of any queries regarding the technologies provided by Impi technical investments, clients can fill in the query in the contact form for the company to revert back.