Impi Technical Investments  provides different technologies to interested clients. Some of them are mentioned below.

Industrial Combustion Low Emission burners results in complete combustion by controlling the air and fuel mixture, ultimately making it more efficient. It is modern and requires low maintenance. It also saves energy to a large extent.

Engineering and Design Services offered by Impi Technical investments involves tank design, pressure vessel design, code compliance services to name a few. Boiler supply offered by Impi Technical Investments includes designing, repairing and servicing of boilers.

Electrical design and contracting services supply and design automation systems. Impi Technical Investments has also implemented CHP units for generating power using unusual fuel oils, waste fuel oils, waste gases.

Oz Fuel tech are small biodiesel plants used as dry wash and polishing systems which helps to reduce fuel cost. Impi Technical Investments also provide oil extraction systems which can process as much as 150 tons of seeds per day. Bulk oils for feed stock offered by Impi Technical investments are cost effective.

Different types of oils include groundnut oil, rape seed oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, soy bean oil, castor oil, groundnut oil and many more.