The use of concrete, asphalt and other non-porous materials for roads, carparks, footpaths, driveways and many public spaces is having significant effects on the water cycle within the urban environment.

Hydroston permeable concrete pavers from Hydrocon Australasia are fully permeable, durable and non-slip. They help improve water quality by filtering stormwater run off at the source and facilitate on-site water retention and harvesting of stormwater.

Further benefits of these permeable concrete pavers:

  • Reduce local flooding and surface ponding
  • They are known to take pressure off existing stormwater drainage systems
  • Assist in replenishing groundwater and aquifers
  • Hydroston permeable concrete pavers increase water supply to trees and landscaped areas
  • Allow root aeration
  • Permeable concrete pavers improve urban micro climates
  • Contribute to urban water security
  • Provide a viable and cost effective alternative to existing storm drainage systems
  • Satisfy local government permeable area property ratios