HydroCon Australasia  provides innovative permeable concrete solutions for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), innovative water management, and environmental protection by offering effective, high quality and sustainable products to improve water quality, treat stormwater at source, facilitate infiltration, on-site retention and reuse, control drainage and reduce flooding.

HydroCon permeable concrete systems and products have been installed in a wide range of applications throughout Australia and have been recognised with numerous WSUD and stormwater industry awards.

HydroCon permeable concrete products have been uniquely developed using German technology blended with Australian-specific research and manufacturing, resulting in products that are ideally suited to local implementation. Products include:

  • HydroSTON permeable concrete pavers
  • HydroCon permeable concrete pipes; and
  • HydroFilter stormwater filtration (marketed in Australia by Humes Water Solutions)

Products are based on extensive concrete and water technology research conducted over many years in Germany (approximately 25 million square metres of permeable paving systems are installed in Germany each year), which have been adapted and developed for Australian climate and rainfall conditions.

HydroCon continues to conduct extensive research and development activities in Australia, and participates as an industry partner in research programs with the University of Technology Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and the University of South Australia’s Centre for Water Management and Reuse. Research focuses include hydraulic behaviour, pollutant retention, design, construction and maintenance.