Standard 1200mm stormwater filter pits with outlets for DN500 HydroCon pipes are now available from HydroCon Australasia .

The precast HydroCon stormwater filter pits save time on site when installing HydroCon pipe systems. Without the use of the standard HydroCon pit, a pit would have to be constructed on site or one or more outlets would need to be punched out of a precast stormwater filter pit.

Four 175mm plastic encapsulated step irons with red and green reflectors are fitted at 300mm spacings. The top of the riser is rebated to take a Class B GMS drop in grate, cover or an additional riser, if so required.

These stormwater filter Pits are supplied in two sections. There is a pit base and a 1200mm riser with three outlets.

Each section is fitted with four 2.5 tonne Swiftlift pins for lifting with a spreader bar. The minimum cover over a DN500 HydroCon pipe is 400mm, while the minimum sump required is 500mm. A riser can be inserted if a larger sump depth is needed.