The Hufcor acoustic and non acoustic (cavity or surface) sliding walls from Hufcor are functional and efficient. They can be viewed as alternatives to conventional operable wall systems.

These sliding walls can help maximize the space potential of offices. They divide the available space to create meeting rooms, extra offices, classrooms, function areas, or outdoor dining.

Sliding walls are suitable for hotels and ballrooms, offices, schools and universities, restaurants, cafes, and any facilities with an emphasis on aesthetics.

The Hufcor acoustic and non acoustic sliding walls are available in many colours and finishes, including veneers, pin boards, fabrics, and whiteboards.

Features of these sliding wall systems:

  • Top supported only
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Soft closing door mechanism option
  • Option of 75mm or 45mm deep profiles
  • Multilite combination of either, glass or non transparent substrates for privacy
  • No floor tracks
  • Self activating retractable mechanical pressure seal option