Having a beautiful view or bright warm sunlight coming into a room brings new life to any commercial or residential space, and an ideal way to do this is to install a glass partition wall.

Hufcor operable glass partition walls are an aesthetically beautiful and functional space division solution that bring the outdoors inside in an elegant and class fashion.

The panels on these operable glass partition walls are movable to be shifted in and out of place as desired. They are also tested for effective sound control to 46Rw and can feature etching or painting for a signature touch.

A Hufcor operable glass partition wall combines practicality with beauty, and creates a light and expansive ambience for any building, and when an investment into a view has been made, it is important to be able to enjoy it in all weather.

Glass partition walls are ideal for both classic and contemporary interiors in buildings with a:

  • beautiful view
  • swimming pool
  • golf course
  • garden views; and
  • landscaping.