Operable walls, glass walls, accordion doors and washroom cubicles from Hufcor that receive periodic maintenance will provide years of reliable functionality. Ensuring that these products are properly maintained and serviced will ensure that business is not interrupted, delayed or inconvenienced.

Hufcor offers Maintenance Service Plans at reasonable rates, and with this dedicated service technicians will rectify any problems in a quick and efficient manner.

Operable walls require servicing to make sure tracks are cleaned, adjusted, and lubricated. The entire wall systems will also need to be assessed for wear and tear to ensure safety.

Hufcor also offers maintenance services for operable walls that are not Hufcor originals and have access to a variety of components that can be tailored and fitted appropriately.

Hufcor’s maintenance service plans can be set up for all of the walls, doors and cubicles in the product range.

For more information on the maintenance services available please contact Hufcor.