Higgins Insulation offers a range of insulation products, including wool ceiling and wall batts.

Wool is a natural active fibre that can be used to reduce peak humidity levels and condensation as it has the ability to shed water yet absorbs and desorbs water vapour.

Wool ceiling and wall insulation batts are treated with Disodium Octaborate to ensure they are fire retardant and insect proof in compliance with BS 5803.4.

Wool ceiling insulation batts offer efficient thermal and acoustic insulation for residential and commercial projects and are manufactured to specific thicknesses to ensure correct thermal and acoustic ratings. They will also help to reduce exterior noise as well as heat and cold and will also help to reduce noise transfer between internal walls. To maintain the wall cavity ventilation, the wool insulation batts can be stapled or taped into position.

Wool ceiling and wall batts are available in two sizes:

  • 430mm wide for placement between joists at .450mm centres
  • 580mm wide for placement between joists at .600mm centres