Wool insulation from Higgins Insulation is a natural alternative to fibreglass insulation and has a higher thermal and acoustic rating in comparison.

Wool is composed of more than 20 amino acids and its complex physical and chemical structure has the ability to trap moisture in without feeling wet.
As a result wool insulation has a longer life than traditional forms of insulation as they can become less effective in moist climates.

Due to its helical crimp, three-dimensional corkscrew structure wool has great elasticity and is a resilient fibre that can adapt to different environments.

The outer cuticle and epicotyl layers of fibre give wool its ability to shed water yet readily admit water vapour. As a result its principle benefit when compared to man-made fibres is breaths and traps air, providing greater thermal and acoustic ratings.

To summarise the benefits of Higgins Wool Insulation include the following:
  • Reacts well to moisture
  • Natural fire resistance
  • Naturally renewable resource
  • Supports Australian farmers
  • Maintains its shape
  • Reduce mold on timber ;and
  • Good Acoustic properties.