Roofing blankets from Higgins Insulation are supplied in both wool and polyester varieties, offering a cost effective solution that is well suited to use in most applications.

Both varieties are supplied in a standard size of 1.2m x 15m, with custom dimensions also available upon request.

New wool roofing blankets are capable of shedding water, and yet can readily absorb and desorb water vapour, acting as a buffer that effectively reduces peak humidity levels and condensation.

In addition, as the fire retardant wool gets warm, it begins to release moisture, cooling the insulation through evaporation and reducing the flow of heat.

Higgins polyester roofing blankets are manufactured from recycled polyester to provide a safe, cost effective insulation solution.

The recycled polyester is hydrophobic, ensuring the blankets remain virtually unaffected by accidental exposure to moisture.