The Multi Lift, available from Hero Hoists Pty Ltd , is a modular design - sharing a common post decreases overall width for installation in tighter spaces.

Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, the Multi Lift is available as a single unit or up to 5 units width.

Hero Hoists Pty Ltd’s Multi Lift is equally suitable for domestic or commercial applications including, car dealerships and car storage facilities, offices, as well as apartment and townhouse complexes.

  • Minimum footprint allows multiple installations in minimum space
  • Independent lifting structures allows for staggered or offset installation
  • Galvanised deck construction resists environmental damage
  • NEMA rated weatherproof electric connectors seal out water and dirt
  • Audible / visual alarm during descent
  • Integrated key-activated power On / Off switch
  • Emergency-stop button for operator safety
  • Elevated drop-down pendant control keeps controls at safe distance
  • Freestanding design reduces tax and permit liabilities in most counties
  • Power unit provides smooth quiet hydraulic operation
  • Wide deck platform accommodates pickups, vans and cars
  • Designed for installation on typical parking surfaces
  • Durable construction for maximum stability
  • Galvanised drip-proof platform protects bottom vehicle
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders combined with heavy-duty lifting chain
  • Dual-synchronisation chains keep the deck level under all conditions
  • Automatic safety locks on each column spaced 4” apart
  • Maintenance-free composite carriage bearings
  • Maintenance-free self-lubricating chain rollers
  • Wide base plate mounts directly on grade, even on asphalt
  • No special site preparation required for installation


  • Lifting capacity 6000lbs / 3175Kg
  • Maximum wheel base 145” / 3683mm
  • Inside columns 95” / 2413mm
  • Rise 73” / 1854mm
  • Bottom leg length 144” / 3658
  • Width overall 101” / 2565mm
  • Platform width 84-3/4” / 2153mm
  • Length overall 164-1/2” / 4178mm
  • Motor 220VAC / 60Hz 1Ph
  • Lifting time 45 seconds

Shipping information:

  • Dimensions - 161” x 34.5” x 41” / 4089mm x 876mm x 1041mm
  • Shipping weight - 2870lbs / 1305Kg

* The design, material and specifications are subject to change without notice.