Hero Hoists Pty Ltd offers the Hero Hoists' 8 and 8XL car lifts which are designed to easily and safely accommodate two vehicles in the floor space that one vehicle would normally occupy.  

Installation is either DIY or professional and takes no more than half a day.  

As there is no need to bolt these units to the ground, no council permits or alterations to the garage floor are needed.  

A safety latch is located in every column and the lock-points are triple-welded for ultimate strength. A single-point lock release is positioned for ease of use.  

There are various other benefits of the Hero Hoists' 8 and 8XL car hoists, such as low profile 91.44cm approach ramps, powder coat finish, drip trays and a nylon tarpaulin to protect the car on the ground. As they’re supplied with a castor kit (wheels) as standard – they can be moved around – making them a very flexible, easy to live with solution.  

These products are tested and designed to rigid industry standards, and can be used for domestic or commercial purposes.  

The car lifts from Hero Hoists Pty Ltd work as a good storage tool by maximising the usable space of a garage. This is one of the ultimate restoration lifts and makes detailing, brake jobs, oil changes, engine swaps and tire swaps easy.  

The Hero Hoists' 8 has a lifting capacity of over 3,600kgs, standard household power supply of 240 volt, shipping weight of 750kgs, and speed of rise of seventy five seconds. Its lifting height in top lock position is 1.91 m, clearance under lift in top lock position is 1.80 m, length of runway 4.2m and length of approach ramp is 91.44cm.