Now available from Hero Hoists Pty Ltd, the Puzzle Lift parking system is an independent, configurable, high-density parking solution, new to the Hero Hoists range of auto lifts and accessories.

Ideal for shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, apartment buildings and any other high density parking situation, the Puzzle Lift parking system comes is cable and motor driven with built in safety systems.
Available in variable configurations, these parking systems have motor capacity of 220V/1 Ph, 380V/3 Ph or 220V/3 Ph, and a 40 year working life.

With an overall height of up to five floors, the Puzzle Lift parking system has a range of safety devices, including:

  • anti-sliding
  • emergency stop
  • maximum power protection
  • height limit protection
  • entrance optical detection
  • power-off braking
  • R & L button
  • automatic lock
  • up and down button
  • wheel barrier; and
  • power-off braking.