Heggies  has provided advice on and performed post clean-up testing of recently discovered clandestine drug laboratories in NSW and Queensland.

In one example Heggies was commissioned by a property developer, under order from a government authority, to perform post clean-up testing of a recently discovered clandestine drug laboratory in Sydney.

The testing for MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) (commonly known as Ecstasy) and its precursors including toxic salts of Mercury and Palladium, was undertaken in the air and on various porous surfaces of the property to ensure that future residents would not be exposed to residues or vapours created during the manufacturing process.

With the analysis assistance of the Australian Forensic Drug Laboratory, Heggies was able to provide the property owner with a remediation management plan and following minor works was able to provide a final clearance certificate of the site to ensure the health and safety of future tenants and visitors.

In addition, Heggies regularly provides advice to Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) on what to do should they come across a clandestine laboratory in an area under their jurisdiction.

Heggies also provided an overview of this advice at a plenary session of the Australian Institute of Environmental Health Conference held in Sydney in November 2006.