Environmental Monitoring is becoming increasingly important for communities and businesses alike. Whether it is our workplace or the environment at large, we should all do what we can to minimise the adverse impact of pollutants and strive towards healthy sustainability.

There is much to consider when it comes to environmental monitoring. Noise, air quality, occupational hygiene, hazardous materials and contaminants are all areas where Heggies provides monitoring services and advise.

One of the fundamental ways of ensuring a safe workplace and environment is the early detection and management of risks.

Staff from the Heggies Sydney office in Lane Cove regularly carry out monitoring sessions to help gauge the state of their local waterways as part of the Streamwatch initiative. 

Streamwatch is a community education and action program that raises awareness of the natural environment through testing water quality in local rivers and streams. The program empowers group to protect the health of local waterways through their involvement in water quality monitoring which is regularly undertaken and the results uploaded onto the streamwatch website.

Some of the parameters they test for include pH, conductivity, faecal coliforms, phosphates, nitrates and turbidity. Heggies are proud to be involved with this program and helping local environment.

Heggies technical expertise includes:

  • Ambient and indoor air quality
  • Land contamination and ecology
  • Surface and ground water quality
  • Hazardous materials
  • Health, safety & hygiene
  • NATA certified laboratory