Heggies was engaged by the Rail Infrastructure Corporation (RIC) to conduct ambient air quality monitoring for the Chatswood (RIC-A2) section of the Parramatta Rail Link Project.

This monitoring program includes the sampling and analysis of both dust deposition and PM10.

The objectives of the air quality monitoring are:

To assist in ensuring that standards during the civil works comply with the Minister's Conditions of Approval, the Department of the Environment and Conservation (DEC) Licence, Principal's requirements and other relevant Authority conditions, and;

To compile relevant information in a manner which will provide ongoing guidance to all parties regarding work planning and emissions control.

The monitoring program included the sampling and analysis of both dust deposition and PM10. Dust deposition was monitored because of its potential nuisance impact and the PM10 component was monitored because it has implications for human health.

All of the ambient air samples for this project were collected in accordance with the appropriate air quality and sampling standards.

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