Häfele recently launched a complete, updated range of Soft Wire Management Systems, with a focus on ergonomics, organisation, and health and safety in today’s workplace and home environment.  

The Officys range of workplace and domestic Softwire Management Systems offers solutions to a variety of power delivery and organisational needs.   

The new and updated Softwire Management Systems from Häfele include the Omega and Electrodock in-desktop power modules, designed to be mounted flush with the work surface for delivery of both power and data. These 10AMP units are all fitted with thermal overload switches for safety in both workplace and domestic applications.    

The Ozone power rail, available in both 10 AMP and 20AMP versions, is simply clamped to the desktop edge. Due to its simplistic fixing method, it can easily be positioned according to the configuration of the workspace and the individual needs of the user. The 10AMP Ozone power rails are also fitted with thermal overload switches for safety.    

The Vertical Powerdock, available in 10AMP and 20AMP versions, is available in a variety of configurations. The 10AMP kitchen version is fitted with a water resistant seal and when not in use retracts to sit flush with the benchtop.    

The Horizontal Powerdock is another example of an in-desk mounted power module, which is available in both 10AMP and 20AMP versions. When closed, the dock sits flush with the tabletop. In the case of the Horizontal Powerdock, appliances such as phone charges and power chords can be in use and plugged in while the unit is closed.  

All components of Häfele’s Softwire Management Systems are available in a variety of colours, and all 10AMP units are pre-fitted with Thermal Overload switches and leads ready for use. All 20AMP units are supplied with input and output leads.    

The range of both above and in-desk power delivery solutions from Häfele are complimented by the Powerpak 2 and 4 outlet power modules for installation below the desk. Cable baskets are designed to keep leads organised and separated and can be supplied in a single or 2-tier version, depending on application needs. There is no more need for numerous cable ties or electrical tap to keep cords together neatly. They simply lie in the basket and can be accessed when required.    

The Twist ’n’ Slide CPU holder is also new to the Häfele Officys range of Softwire Management Systems. The Twist ’n’ Slide CPU holder has a patented easy release clamp and adjustable centre of gravity to ensure that the unit is always balanced. Once locked into the holder, the unit can be slid back and out of the way. The CPU is mounted off the floor or desktop, increasing the useable space at the workstation.    

When relocating or planning a new office fit-out or simply adding power to an existing layout, Häfele’s Officys Soft Wire Management Systems can be incorporated into the space, allowing for a safe and ergonomic work conditions.