Hafele Australia presents the Sweepovac, a revolutionary range of kitchen vacuum cleaners that helps homeowners keep their kitchens looking good, effortlessly.

Hardwood kitchen floors need to be swept once or twice a day to keep them looking good for a long time. However, considerable time and energy are expended just to keep a beautiful kitchen looking beautiful.

Sweepovac, the new kitchen vacuum cleaner makes the job effortless by gathering all household debris in seconds. All one needs to do is simply sweep the floor, push the debris to the Sweepovac and kick the switch. The bag will need to be changed once every four months.

The compact kitchen vacuum cleaners can be hidden discreetly in the bottom of the kitchen cabinetry. Since the Sweepovac doesn’t require a central vac system, it can be fitted in any kitchen at a fraction of the price of more complex solutions.