An extensive range of water filters from Hafele is helping Australians get high quality drinking water from their taps.

Australians spend about half a billion dollars each year on bottled water. Though most people don’t need to worry about the quality of tap water supplied, the less-than-ideal taste of this water from added chemicals can make them opt for bottled water.

Häfele’s water filters ensure Australians can get bottled water quality from their own taps.

Manufactured by Water Filters Australia, Häfele water filters inhibit chlorine and build-up of lime scale without removing fluoride and other healthy minerals, delivering clean water that’s full of taste.

Häfele’s water filter range meets the needs of various applications and projects, and includes under bench boiling water ambient water dispensers that fill 60 cups an hour to three-way mixer taps and simple inline filter systems for the home.