In homes, the kitchen is the indicator of good taste, and therefore deserves fittings that offer form, fashion and function. The tasteful and sophisticated design of kitchen fittings create a desirable residential kitchen.

In addition to functional interiors and more storage space, Kesseböhmer Arena style from Hafele Australia offers design, high quality finish and user comfort by its design and aesthetics.

Kesseböhmer Arena style creates space and order while ensuring pots, pans and food items are always easily accessible. Kesseböhmer Arena style has open and close internal drawers, pantries and corner units without making a sound. The anti-slip base of the Kesseböhmer Arena style prevents the contents from slipping or sliding.

Furthermore, the integrated or optional soft stop mechanism for cushioned closing in the Kesseböhmer Arena style avoids slamming of door creating silence and comfort in the kitchen.

Kesseböhmer Arena style maximises space and its rotating, swivel and pull-out drawers, pantries and corner solutions are an attractive and functional solution for any kitchen.