The latest European innovation in soft-closing, Salice Silentia hinges, are now available from Hafele Australia . Salice Silentia hinges are the only hinges available with the soft-close function integrated into the cup, providing a neat solution with a completely concealed decelerating system. No additional components need to be ordered because the soft-close mechanism is built into the hinge. The soft-close hinge will function straight out of the carton.

Hafele Australia offer a full range of different overlay and angled Salice Silentia hinges. The full range of Salice Silentia hinges has been fully tested and approved to the German LGA standard, which consists of an 80,000 cycle test.

The new shallower cup depth enables Salice Silentia hinges to be used on 16mm thick doors. The Salice Silentia product range also includes a special drill bit for the preparation of 16mm doors for Silentia hinges.

Once installed, Salice Silentia hinges have the exact same dimensions as standard Salice hinges from Hafele, and also retain the same unprecedented level of three way adjustment that all Salice hinges provide. The design of the furniture does not need alterations to use the soft-close hinges, and standard hinges can easily be swapped over to the Silentia equivalent. To add even more convenience, the Rapido fixing method allows hinges to be quickly installed after painting and lacquering of the doors – directly onsite.