Glass walls that open up your entertaining areas at the touch of a button, with HAWA-matic fully automatic operable wall from Hafele Australia.

There is nothing more relaxing than dining al fresco at home or at a restaurant on a sunny afternoon or balmy evening.

Opening windows and doors to let the outside in can provide a wonderful extension of dining and living spaces, instantly expanding entertaining areas.

Allowing uninterrupted views when closed and flexible design configurations, sliding and stacking frameless glass walls are fast becoming the favourite way of achieving this

However, large sliding glass walls can take time to open. So imagine how impressed your friends or patrons will be when you press a button and an entire wall of up to 30 panels slides quietly and effortlessly away, stacking neatly at one or both ends of the opening, or even disappearing into a wall cavity.

That is exactly what you can do with Hawa-matic II 150/GA, the fully automatic operable glass wall system from Hafele Australia.

Curved openings and corners are handled with ease. Fully integrated electric locks, weather seals and automatic swing pedestrian access panels complete the package.

The discreet control panel allows you to open, close or reposition the sliding panels in any of up to 8 user-defined configurations, to suit individual needs.

Hawa-matic II 150/GA can also be used for timber panels and is ideal for AV walls in conference rooms and home theatres.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, Hawa-matic II 150/GA operable glass walls system from Hafele Australia offers unrivalled reliability, flexibility and absolute user comfort.