Available form Hafele Australia , HAWA Antea 50 – 80 sliding door systems feature a modular design and provide the opportunity for innovative ideas for interesting cabinet front designs using mixed materials.

A distance of just 30mm to floor and ceiling impressively emphasises the design of each door across the entire surface. A safe, form-fitting patch suspension system with optional but recommendable alignment hardware largely prevents glass front elements from bending.

Installing HAWA Antea 50 – 80 sliding door systems is easy as the top tracks and guide channels are fitted from the front to one or more assembled cabinet bodies. The optional soft closing system fits discreetly to the top of the cabinet and is readily accessible.

With HAWA Antea 50 – 80 the most discerning sliding door system demands are achievable as just a few parts are put together with little effort to offers a stylish end result.