A natural protective coating from Gripset Industries has helped restore a 150-year-old timber sailing ship in Adelaide while also preventing further deterioration. Australia's most significant historical ship, the City of Adelaide Clipper Ship used to sail between the UK and Australia, as well as to other continents around the world.

Left to rot in a shipyard in Scotland, the City of Adelaide Clipper was brought back to Adelaide to become an important part of South Australian maritime history. The restoration of the sailing ship was a very challenging process with the timber structure requiring protection and repair for both internal and external areas. The wood had also rotted out in many areas.

Since the restored ship was intended to be put up for public viewing, traditional chemical-based timber preservatives were never an option due to their carcinogenic content.

Gripset WB1, a new generation of protective coatings for wood, offered a natural solution that would not only preserve the timber from further wet and dry rot issues, but also reverse the damage caused by fungus and pests, similar to how a rust converter is used to treat corroded steel. With no chemicals, carcinogens or toxins, Gripset WB1 prevents breakdown from rot in an environmentally-sensitive way.