A pavement resurfacing solution from Gripset Industries resolved the asphalt problem in the carpark at the Linfox Head Office in Essendon Fields VIC.

The Linfox HQ staff carpark faced a serious quality problem with the new asphalt laid just six months earlier coming unravelled and creating issues for the pavement. The problem was compounded further by the cars accessing the area daily and the absorption of water into the pavement.

Gripset’s B09 pavement resurfacer was specified for the repair works; given the time limitations and the need for an accessible carpark, the product was used directly over the problem asphalt pavement, sealing the pavement from water absorption and protecting against pavement cracking while minimising operational downtime.

Within a day of treatment, Gripset was able to provide full accessibility to the carpark, enabling vehicles to use the area without any concern of asset damage.