Expansion joints on a concrete slab at the Bankstown Central Shopping Complex in Bankstown NSW were effectively sealed using the Elastoproof XPX system from Gripset Industries. A standout aspect of the project was the completion of the joint sealing work in rapid time.

The engineered post stressed concrete slab on the multiplex construction had been designed with expansion movement joints, each constructed at 20mm width with expected maximum opening of 80mm.

While the shopping centre lay directly underneath these joints, a car park ramping was planned above to support the needs of the busy complex. These challenges required an advanced expansion sealing joint system.

The durable Elastoproof XPX system was used to seal the joints quickly with minimal disruption to the fitouts being carried out below in the shopping centre.

Since its installation in 2005, the Elastoproof system has remained undamaged, withstanding extreme weather and the thousands of vehicles that drive over these joints each week.