Granosite  is an architectural paint like coating technology offered by Wattyl and it has been developed especially for professional painters. Granosite is available in various surface textures and finishes. Granosite range of products include exterior wall coatings, water proofing membranes and substrate preparation products. Granosite are applied to range of off form, tilt up concrete, brick and block work, pre cast concrete, fibre sheet and autoclaved aerated concrete. Granosite is designed to use only by trained and professional applicator.

Granosite range of products includes GranoAntique, GranoBond, GranoClassic, GranoBasecoat, GranoFlex and GranoGlaze Gloss and so on. GranoAntique type of Granosite can be applied with help of trowel. It is a matt tinted acrylic texture and provides elegant grainy finish when used. GranoAntique is over coated by GranoSkin and GranoImpact which act as decorative membrane and increases the durability. GranoAntique is ideal for interior and exterior architectural coatings.

Granosite product GranoBond is water based and it can be mixed along with concrete, cement and hard wall plasters. GranoBond when applied increases the tensile strength, flexibility and adhesion. It is also abrasion resistant where a feathered edge or thin section is required. It is also ideal for interior and exterior purposes.