GranoGlaze Satin, GranoGlaze Gloss, GranoElegance, GranoHeritage are some of the Granosite products. Granosite products are developed for professional use and are applied to range of brick and block work; pre cast concrete, off form, tilt up concrete, fibre sheet and autoclaved aerated concrete.

GranoGlaze range of Granosite is clear, tough and pure form acrylic coating and it is applied by spraying method. Two to three coats of paint is applied to give a glossy finish. GranoGlaze retains natural colour of the substrate when applied and increases the colour and texture of the products. It is a form of architectural aggregate coatings and ideal for exterior and interior use.

GranoElegance paint is acrylic mixture applied by spraying method and when used combines the beauty of natural colours. GranoElegance is durable and comes in three different forms such as harmony, natural and contrast. Compact finish is obtained when natural and harmony form of GranoElegance is used.

Texture coatings forms of Granosite paints include GranoImpact and GranoHeritage. GranoImpact is pure acrylic and elastomeric coating material. It is applied in different forms using spray, rollers and brush. GranoImpact is resistant to fungi and mould and ideal for interior and exterior purposes. GranoHeritage is applied with help of roller and brush and extends the life of cementitious structures.