Paint like coating technology, Granosite from Wattyl is developed for professional painters. Granosite range of products include GranoClassic, GranoBasecoat, GranoGlaze, GranoMarble, GranoGlitter, GranoFlex and GranoGlaze Gloss. Granosite products are applied to range of brick and block work; pre cast concrete, off form, tilt up concrete, fibre sheet and autoclaved aerated concrete.

GranoClassic type of Granosite is a spray applied with acrylic texture coating and it gives traditional stone like finish. Granosite GranoClassic is also over coated using GranoSkin and GranoImpact membranes. This membrane when applied enhances the durability of the product. It is ideal for both exterior and interior environment. GranoDecor is a stippled texture coating system and it is ideal for upgrading the appearance of those surfaces that are rough. GranoDecor is applied with help of hopper gun and over coated with GranoSkin and GranoImpact Rolana low profile system.

GranoFlex coating system is high performance acrylic compound and it is used to join the fibre cement sheeting. GranoFlex is also ideal for exterior environment. GranoBasecoat is tough, water based undercoat and it provides uniform base colour when applied. This GranoBasecoat enhances the appearances of Granosite topcoats and increases the performance of coating systems and also stabilises irregularities in substrate absorption.