Gough Plastics  is known for manufacturing water storage tanks, durable general storage containers, waterless toilet systems and underbody gear and water storage. Gough Plastics also specialises in the manufacture of moulded plastic waste entry points, cattle feed troughs and heavy duty plastic crane dunnage.

Gough Plastics also provides plastic fabrication services customized according to the customer’s requirement.

Gough water tanks ideal for commercial, industrial and domestic applications are available from Gough Plastics. These water tanks from Gough Plastics are lightweight and are available in a variety of colours. The Gough water tanks are simple to install.

Various models such as, GT 1350, GT2100, GT2500, GT6500 and GT 5010 to name a few are available in these water tanks. These Gough water tanks are manufactured from polyethylene and are UV stabilized.

The water tanks are available with screw on Gough lids which provides with a positive seal while still allowing enough internal access for inspection and cleaning. Glough tanks made from molasses are also available from Gough Plastics. These molasses tanks are thicker walled for accommodating high stress because molasses have a higher density when compared to water.

Gough tanks designed for chemical storage are available in various wall thickness, colours and materials. Transportable tanks suitable for the storage of chemical, water and molasses are also manufactured by Gough Plastics.

Tank accessories including, flanged outlets and bulkheads are available from Gough Plastics.