Gough Plastics  provides the Dump-Ezy dump point which is the front end entry point of the waste streams. These dump points are user friendly and are easy to install.

These Dump-Ezy dump points from Gough Plastics are available with self evident operational signage. The lids of the Dump-Ezy are lockable, light weight and durable. These lids consist of a rubber seal and moulded handles.

These products are manufactured form UV stabilised non corrosive polyethylene and can be installed into a concrete slab or top of a floor. These products allow direct discharge to the sewer and are available with bolt on options for pre-treatment of the toilet chemicals.

These Dump-Ezy units from Gough Plastics are installed in front of the septic tanks, holding tanks and other treatment processes.

The wastes can be poured into the Dump-Ezy unit and on board waste storage dumping is also done directly from the vehicles to the unit using flexible hoses. The Dump-Ezy units are hosed down using adjacent hoses and are also useful for cleaning the equipment.

The lids are then closed to ensure the waste systems are sealed. Durable, weather proof conveyor belt covers are also available from Gough Plastics. Beltcover from Gough Plastics is a type of conveyor belt cover systems that are useful for keeping the materials in thus saving costs and time.

These conveyor belt covers reduces pollution, are corrosion proof and can be easily assembled.